Summer Newsletter

Dear Families

The School year is quickly approaching. These next few weeks are going to fly by and before we know it the summer will end. Here are a few activities that you can do during the next few weeks to help your child prepare for the following school year;

Sand Play

As children dig, scoop, pour and build in the sand, they are strengthening movements of small muscles in the wrist and hand (fine motor skills). Helping your children develop strong fine motor skills is an essential part of preparing them to write.

You can also use the sand as a makeshift chalkboard. Draw shapes, numbers, and letters in the sand to see if your children recognize them. Or, have your children use their fingers to write letters and numbers in the sand.

Water Play

When children swim, they aren’t just wearing themselves out before naptime, they’re developing their gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are movements of large muscles in the legs and arms that are needed to do things like walk, run, kick, throw, jump and balance.

In addition to taking your children for a swim, let them splash in the sprinklers, wash bikes and kiddie cars in the backyard, paint the fence, or driveway with water. Let them play with measuring cups, bowls and plastic toys in a kiddie pool.

Backyard Science Center

Get a bug jar, magnifying glass, thermometer, magnet, and a pair of binoculars, and set up a science center in your backyard. Giving your children age-appropriate equipment encourages curiosity and exploration, both of which are necessary for success in science.

Nature walks are another tool you can use to give your children a mindset of discovery. Walk through your neighborhood, a park, or a nearby hiking trail, and look at trees, flowers, bugs, birds, small animals, and whatever else you find. Play games like I Spy or plan a scavenger hunt. Give your children small bags or boxes they can use to collect rocks, twigs, leaves, and flowers to examine in the backyard science center. Let me know how these worked for you.

More fun news to come!

Miss Allison

Ramat Shalom ECC Director